Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Current WIP

After knitting yet another birthday gift (this time only a small black slip-through scarf in RYC Rowan Cashsoft but the photos just didn't come out), I am finally getting on with the project for me! I have been desperate to start this for AGES, but after a knitting gift frenzy I finally was able to sit down and start it....

As mentioned below, 'it' is a gorgeous cable wrap jacket from the Rowan book Scottish Inspirations. I have chosen a different wool than the pattern recommends (because I can't ever just follow a pattern), which is the lovely slate blue RYC Soft Tweed. It has lovely flecks of dark blue, yellow and pink on close inspection but from far away it looks like a dreamy blueish grey. It has a really nice texture and since I picked it up for £2 a ball it's a bargain to boot. It's a good thing too as I am going to need 16 balls of it!

After some serious maths, I have scaled the pattern down to my gauge and to accomodate for the much thicker new wool. It was a bit confusing at first, but now it's right on target and I sat on the sofa last night knitting like a demon possessed to try and make a dent in it. I really want to wear it when we go on holiday on the 24th so it's going to take a few evenings of this determination to make sure it happens. Luckily it's pretty much knit as one huge rectangle with slits to sew the sleeves in, so no faffing around with shaping and sewing up at the end. My dream project!!


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