Monday, October 15, 2007


I know I promised a cake update but look at the lovely yarn I bought at the knitting show this weekend! Mostly the show was appalling, so crowded and so much crap...(who knew they made acrylic yarn in 5 lb balls?) and I have never been body checked by so many old ladies on their way to a cross stitch demo but there were treasures to be found. Treasures indeed!

The top yarn is Shimmer 5, 'Velvet Olive' by Colinette. Ooh and Ah. I wanted to wrap myself up in all the long flowing hanks at their display. So gorgeous. I think I am going to make a scarf out of this one because it's so shiny and so touchable. Pattern, tbc.

The bottom yarn is Koigu, for socks of course, from the lovely Socktopus stand. So gorgeous but unbelievably expensive!! Really shocking actualy. I hope it's as nice as everyone says.... I think monkey socks for these babies as the colourways should really show off the pattern.

I started this scarf over the weekend but I think I am going to abandon ship and start on the shiny Colinette for a cable scarf instead. I am not that thrilled with it. It's Rowan Cocoon but I don't really like how it feels knitted up. Maybe for a cool stripy hat instead? I only bought two balls, but still... waste not, want not.

Also, I was finally invited to join Ravelry! I am really excited about it and have been slowly putting up pics and patterns. I think it's going be very fun to geek out over everyone's photos and amazing talent in one cool place. Yay!

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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Michèle said...

Ok your enthusiasm for yarn is adorable. Glad to hear you had fun at the knitting show despite the aggressive old ladies. It seems they get pushier as they get older, doesn't it? And I put in my vote for a cool stripey hat. It gets cold around these parts, got to protect those ears!