Sunday, November 11, 2007

Latest Knitting Exploits

Lots going on, barely a minute to catch my breath! Luckily that hasn't stopped me knitting or baking, or I would be going insane! I have completed 3 projects in the past couple of weeks and here are the results! (Modelling done by my patient husband)

However, I have been indulging in a bit of web based fun and have of course fallen a bit in love with Ravelry. I have been bad and been updating my profile and projects on there, not here. If are already there, look for me 'ahalshaw'. If not, see you there soon!

I also went to the first UK Stitch n' Bitch this past weekend with a couple of fellow knitting friends and had the best time. It was a great atmosphere and much yarn buying ensued! Yay! I will post photos of course...

The best was attending a workshop/talk by Jane Brocket of Yarnstorm fame. She was just as charming and lovely in person, talking about her crochet flowers, as I imagined. If you don't have her amazing book. Get it or hit up Santa for Christmas! I hope my life is as charming as hers one day...

Next weekend, Paris! After which I will update you on all the cake eating done over the last few months.

Hope all is well out there!

x Arianna

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Lori said...

I just came by after seeing your baby blanket on Ravellry. Did you make that beautiful bag/purse? Did you have a pattern for it?